General Credit Services is a collection agency.Services

There are several different services that we provide to our clients:  You can pick the service that fits you best based on your needs:

1.  Skip-tracing Research -- If you have debtors with a bad address, this product helps you locate customers via our research department.  You can utilize this service on a single or multiple customer basis.  There is no charge if we do not locate the customer for you.

2.  ETF Payments -- If you are tired of trying to track your debtors payment plans and are looking for a company to free up your time, we have the experience to handle your accounts.  We will track and confirm payments for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

3.  Pre-Collect Collections --  If you want "soft" customer service based collections, with a minimum number of calls and letters, our pre-collect product is the best in the business.   This product allows your debtors to think they are still in your office.  Our employees can be your "back office" to handle billing and customer service issues and you can concentrate on your current business.

4.  GCS Collections -- If you want a "hard-collect" collection agency with a customary collection service,  then this is the product you should choose.  Our collectors are following the FDCPA laws to collect on the accounts placed with our office.  We contact the customer utilitzing all means allowed by the law.

5.  Legal Collections  -- If you have already have spent all the time you are willing to spend trying to collect from a customer and are ready to take the next step, then you should choose our legal collections. We will verify that the account is legal worthy and will get your authorization before we proceed in each step of this process.

All of these products have their own unique benefits, and we will try to match your needs to the best product for your business and your customers. Please be assured that all of these products have the following attributes in common:

You will receive at the end of the month:

  1. A monthly billing statement.
  2. An aging status report of your accounts in our office.
  3. A new placement/closed report on all accounts in our office.

General Credit Services is a collection agency.