General Credit Services is a collection agency.About Us

General Credit Services is a collection agency.  That simple statement normally creates several different reactions in people.  Actually, General Credit is much more than just a collection agency.  We specialize in recovering monies that are legally owed to you in the minimum amount of time with the greatest satisfaction for you.

We are established in the financial world as a collection agency of medical collection and write-off loss and sundry accounts.  We have built a system from ground zero involving all these account that allows us to have high recovery rate.  We have established a network that allows us to put aged accounts receivables in a fast paced setting for quick recovery for our clients.

General Credit Services was established in 1976 in Carmel, Indiana and is a family owned company.  We have expanded our offices to Arizona and are alway anxious to take on new projects to increase our clientele and expertise.  Our mission is serve companies that must deal with delinquent accounts receivables and to help them recover the maximum amount of money in the minimum amount of time.

General Credit Services is a collection agency.